Chue Xiong went home to be with the Lord on Monday November 8th, 2004

Memorial Service will take place on November19-22. He will rest at Eternal Valley in Newhall, California.

My father's name is Chue Xiong. He was a resident of Santa Ana, California. He was 57 years old. He is now home with God following another heart attack on Sunday November 7th.

Thank you my family and friends for your prayers and concern for my Father.

Mang Tiffany Xiong

November 21, 2004


Chue Xiong legacy continues......

On October 15, 2004, while attending his regular scheduled for dialysis, and 15 minutes into dialysis, he suffered a heart attack. At that time we don't know if it was the dialysis machine that caused the attack or was it his own body, but that morning he was fine. He didn't complained about any pain or headache. My mother witness his blood pressure that morning that it was neither high or low.

My father Chue and my family are Christian.

He was a poor Hmong immigrant from Laos, upon crossing the Mekong River from Laos to Thailand to escape the communist, although he didn't have money, he helped over 150 people cross the river and got them to safety in Thailand. Although they didn't have money for passes, he worked hard and with his own savings and personal valued belongings he sold them and bought everyone passes. He always believe that one should help everyone for when you needed help others will help you as well. He also believed that the world would not be complete if there wasn't everyone present. He is a loyal, kind, and loving person, rather it is his problem or anybody's problem he would help everyone out. Regardless of who you are, he would offer his help and love.

He has 7 sons and 6 daughters and a wife in which he loves all very much. We are all over the states and there is only 1 brother close to my father and mother. He is a poor ordinary father who never had much money. Never had and never wore a brand new pair of shoe, outfit, or wardrobe. He always got his clothes from Thrifty and Good Wills. He never mind about it. He gave all that he had to his children and many of the love ones. All that he cared for was love. He likes to tell people about the many good things in life and to cherish every day of life. He share many great relationships with friend, relatives, and people of all kind.

His wish for a miracle and to educate people on earth about the great loves God's given him. His work on earth is not done, he still wish to share God's love with many people on earth.

I've prayed every minute of my life but it seemed like nothing is going through. Pray for my family during this crisis. I would like to reach out to everyone to help me pray . Also pray for my mother who is growing weaker everyday. She too herself have high blood pressure and I want her to be strong and be able to take good care of herself.

I love my father more then the world can be put together. I want to be the example in God's love. I want to let the whole world know that God's love is strongest and the greatest. I want to be like you who can share and help others. Please help me. I love you and many out there who is so kind hearted and it's the greatest gift to me. You mean the world to me and my father. You are the precious angels God's given to me. I truly believe that it's the love and work of God for me to find you. You are a wonderful person. I want to send out messages all over the world about God's love that's my wish and my goal.

Thank you and God loves and bless you,

Mang Tiffany Xiong

Saint Paul, Minnesota