Spreading the Gospel in the country of Haiti


In November of 1999, Paul and I went to the country of Haiti, with Loveachild on missionary trip. We flew out of Miami into the city of Port au Prince. Here is photos of the airport in the Capitol city of Haiti.

As you can see in the next two photographs, we are traveling via pickup truck to the orphanage in Petionville.That is me (with red hair) waving.



Here we are after we arrived at the orphanage and met the children. They greeted us with hugs and kisses as soon as we pulled into the gate. It was awesome to see such love from children whom had never even met us before. Paul. Of course ,first, greeted the lady who would be doing the cooking for us, Mimi. She is a wonderful Haitian woman that loves the Lord. There I am with baby "George" who was born during hurricane George, and his parents couldn't afford to provide for him. Standing next to me is "Wilson" our sponsored miracle child.


Our first job was to go help clear the land that was donated to Love a child for a tent revival to introduce ourselves to the natives. That would in a few days after our arrival. This particular area of land is just across the border from the Dominican Republic. The people of this area have never been introduced to Jesus, nor even seen white men before. This was a totally new experience to them as well as myself. Photos below of the road that leads to the parcel of land, that will be soon, a Bible school, orphanage, and trade school all for the Haitians to better their quality of life.


The Love a child Ministry, with the Spirit of God is doing a tremendous job of bringing the people of Haiti to the Lord. The children are being fed, taught and healed of diseases. In turn , they tell their parents of Jesus and soon whole families are seeking to become Christians. It is awesome to see the lifechanging results in the lives of those hungry for the Lord. Here are some photos of the boys and girls whom are now living in the orphanage in Petionville, Haiti.


Just seeing the people walking miles to hear the word of God being preached is a awesome sight. As you can see in the photo below, there are no homes in this area, they are coming from far away. Some of the people on this mission trip with us, went into the surrounding villages, handing out invitations to the crusade we were getting ready for.


As for myself, I helped in a medical clinic we set up with a small tent, right in the middle of nowhere. There was literally hundreds of families that lined up, just waiting to get treated for skin diseases, infections, and mostly malnutrition. We were able to gain their trust as we lovingly cared for them. That was the door to telling them about the lifechanging love of Jesus. Below is a picture of Paul and Bobby, (one of the founders of Love a Child) standing at the first crusade held in Fon-Parizyen, the future home of Love a Child Bible College and orphanage. Also, a picture of Sherry (the other founder of Love a Child). Two of the most giving people I have met. Pray for them often as they do the work of God.


Please pray for their ministry to complete the will of God in their lifetime here on earth, and for it to continue beyond then until Jesus returns for his people. If you are interested in going on a mission trip, or supporting a child,or just helping out financially, please click on one of the links to Love a Child on this page. God bless you for your interest in this story.


The Crusade with hundreds of people from miles beyond, walked to hear the word of God preached.


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