Without payment you have received; without payment you are to give. (Matthew 10:8 ISV )

My main mission of this Ministry;

Is to spread the Life Changing Love of Jesus to all whom are called. By any means available this ministry will get the "good news" out to the world. If you have or know of any ministry that is doing the work of God and would like to have a web page on the Internet to promote their cause, please feel free to contact me via e-mail to set up your very own webpage, free of charge!

Not a ministry or nonprofit organization??

You may check out my very reasonable prices on web hosting and designing at Web Design by Joanne.

The talents that the Lord has given to me are to be used for the glory of Him! God bless you and I pray this web site has in some way blessed you.

Sites I have created for Ministries across the Globe;

Arrowood Ministries (South Carolina, USA)

Plant A Church (Central Africa)

Chue Xiong (Laos)

Prevailing Word Ministries (Colorado, USA)

Indian Pentecostal Church (Kerala, India)

Tabernacle of God (S. Carolina, USA)

Rescatando Missions (Colombia, S. America)

Jesus Heals Ministry (Vereeniging, S. Africa)

Gregory Ford (S. Florida)

Evangelist Patricia LeMaster (S. Carolina, USA)

Mission Possible (Florida, USA)

Devotions by Michelle (USA)

Women's Alliance Stamp Ministry (Florida, USA)

Sandy's Poetry

Joanne Lowe Inspirationals



My e-mail ady is webmaster@lifechanginglove.com


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