Michelle's Poems to the Lord.

A Thank You to the Lord

I remember a night,
oh, about a year ago,
that I would have taken my own life if not for You.
The force that drove me to my knees I do not understand.
The soft gentleness I felt wrap around me I do not want to forget.
Well, just let me start from the beginning.
I was upset and didn’t think I could handle much more,
So I went in the bathroom and I locked the door.
Then I took out a full bottle of pills.
I remember not what they were.
I poured that bottle of pills in my hand.
Lord, I was going to take them.
I was ready ready to stop life’s whirlwinds.
Your Spirit, I know, washed over me in such a way it drove me to my knees.
The tears fled from my eyes,
As I begged and pleaded for Your help
Oh Lord, thank You, for helping me.
I remember feeling what felt like across between angels wings and Your arms wrapping around me.
And a peace I cannot describe washed over me.
Lord, how did I get from that spot by the sink over to flush those pills?
You must have carried me.
So, my friends,
You think it might be the end.
But this, my Thank You letter to the Lord,
Illustrates that He has a purpose and plan for us.
So before you make that choice,
To take your life from this earth and into the fiery pits of Hell,
Why don’t you try seeking out My Lord?
He does great and mighty things.

A Thunderstorm

I believe a thunderstorm symbolizes how God feels, The rain is the tears He cries for every lost soul and the brokenhearted whose wounds need to be healed. The darkness in the clouds is the sadness and despair for all who do not know Him yet choose not to care. The thunder is His anger towards those who betray Him or put someone in danger. The lightning is His glory flashing from above to show us His tender mercies and the wonder of His love. The tornadoes are a symbol of starting over again. From scratch He will indeed help us to mend. The winds are His breath blowing upon us to signify He's there, and to show us that He cares. And, of course, when the storm has ended the sun will shine again To remind us of His forgiveness. And the rainbow, the promise that He made. Yes, I believe that a thunderstorm is His way of expressing His emotions, Of telling us how He feels.

The Blood He Shed

Oh Lord Jesus
My Redeemer
My Savior
Upon a cross You hung
With nails piercing Your hands and feet
I can hear Your cries and pleas
I can feel Your agony.
With blood pouring to the ground
And thorns piercing Your head
Oh Lord, I can’t fathom the love You hold for me.
How could you die upon a cross for something you did not do
Your grace and mercy are so great
When You hung upon that tree shaped like a "t"
You were telling me
"I love you this much!"
You would take away our sins
And replace them with Heaven.
And in the very palms of Your hands
You also bear our pain, our struggles, all that we go through.
Thank You Lord Jesus
For shedding Your blood for me.

He Will Help You

You tell me that I am strong
But you do not see the tears I cry.
You do not hear the screams I silently let out.
You tell me that I’m strong,
but my friend that strength comes not from me.
There is One who is always by my side,
One who I turn to in my weakest times.
That One is my God,
My Lord.
That One is Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.
So when times get tough for you
And you cry those silent tears
And scream those silent screams,
Turn to the greatest Physician,
the greatest source of strength I know
Turn to Jesus.
He will be there for you
and when it seems like you just can’t go on anymore,
He'll help you through the next door of life.
For each adventure and trial we bear leads to another doorway in our journey
As we sometimes remember the past,
leave it alone.
Close that door and press on to the next door.
He’ll help you make it there.

Know that I am Here.

Know that I am here
in every breath you take,
in every word you say.
Know that I am here
when the journey gets long
and the path gets tough.
Know that I am here
when you have no hope
and you’re at the end of your rope.
Know that I am here
when no one else is
or you need a hug.
Know that I am here
every step of the way.
My child, take comfort, and
Know that I am here.

Jesus Friend

Though the path gets rough
And the road gets long
Know that I will help you hold on.

When you’re weary and tired
And you can’t seem to fight
You want to give up
I’ll make everything all right.

When you are lonely
And just need a hug,
Or you need a shoulder to cry on
Because things are so tough,
I’ll give you a tug
And help you pull through.

I am Jesus.
I am your friend.
And I’ll always be here right beside you.

All in My Life

Though I feel I'm drowning,
You carry me to safety.
Though I feel I can't go on,
You embrace me in Your arms.
Though I make mistakes,
You help me in my learning.
Though I may not see it,
You're there every step of the way.
Thank You, Lord, for being
My One true daily guide,
The One I should be thanking
For everything in my life.

He has Blessed Me

Get me through the storm, lord.
Calm the wind and waves.
and quiet each roll of thunder.
and show me your glory through each flash of lightning.
oh lord, the river i’m in is surging,
rushing rapidly,
trying to sweep me away,
and take me off my feet.
but help me hold on to my lifeboat,
help me hold on to you.
give me strength to whether the rage of this violent storm,
and when it’s over and done,
i’ll be able to turn back and see
how you are so mighty, powerful, and true,
and how you have blessed me.


I’m walking down a path of life
but which way do i turn?
oh lord what might your will be for me?
help me choose the proper path
at each and every turn.

oh lord, i have a problem!
what choice should i make?
should i run into your arms,
or should i do this on my own?
oh, but that is the choice i have to make.
counsel me, oh lord!

oh lord, i am in doubt
not of you but of the circumstances,
what decision should i make?

oh lord, i cannot bear much more.
help me please!
oh but i must remember that you would want me to cast my cares upon you.
And i ask strength
as you have also promised we would not be given more than we can bear.
Oh Lord, help me please!

The Pain

I can’t do this anymore.
I cannot bear the pain.
Tears stream from my face,
Oh they fall like rain.
Months have passed,
And yet, the hurt never ends.
As each day comes and goes,
I rely solely on You.
Lord, You are my strength,
The only way I’ll make it through.
For on my own, I would give up,
I would not want to fight,
To make it anymore,
So help me hold on, Lord!
Comfort me and hold me,
Until the pain is no more.

Reason to Live

Your dreams are shattered
And you’ve lost all hope.
Your life is tattered
And you just can’t cope.
The winds are blowing,
And you want to give up.
The rain is pouring,
And you just can’t go on.
But there’s a reason to live,
A reason to fight,
And a reason to dream.
My child, that reason is...
I will guide you,
hand in hand.
And carry you
when you can no longer stand.
I’ll lift you up when you are down,
And pick you up whenever you fall.
My child,
Be strong and stand tall.

Though I May Fall

Though I may fall far from You, You help me up again.
Though I may fall far from You, I know it's not the end.
Though I may fall far from You, You're always by my side.
You help me through the good times.
You help me through the bad.
Though I may fall far from You, And I seem to grow so weak, You carry me along the way till I can walk again.
You strengthen me each breath I take, so the temptations I may endure. You never allow more than I can bear, so upon You I cast my cares.
Though I may fall far from You, You still give your angels charge, to watch over and to guide me through each and every day.
Though I may fall far from You, I know Your love is there.
Your grace and mercy have been granted me, and I know You care.
So I thank you Lord that even though I've fallen and I've stumbled, You've never left me nor forsaken me.
You're not a quitter.
Why should I be?

All poetry written by: Michelle Poepsel



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