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Please keep in your prayers a well needed rehabilitation center in southwest Florida @ASSEMBLY CENTER


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What are we all about anyway??

Life Changing Love is what life is all about!! It is an unconditional love that can only be acquired through learning about our creation.

We did not evolve here on this planet nor did we come from some

"Big Bang".

There is a Grand design and a Grand designer!!

Now I knew this all of my life, but never really thought much more of it, other then going to church and being a good person. Now that is what "God" and "Creation" is all about, isn't it?????


I learned to pray as a small child,

and always knew that God was up there, somewhere....


But I never imagined the Life Changing Love that He had for me!!!


Now that I am all grown up, I realize how really important having a relationship with God through Jesus is....If you read my story above, about how God transformed my life, you will know why Life Changing Love has been established. It just my tiny, puny, small way of sharing with the world the truths I have come to know!


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A Mother's Love-Dedicated to my Children

My Letter to God

My Hometown

Old Glory

Beautiful Poetry

Sept. 11, 2001

A Moment of Prayer

Marriage made in Heaven

An Atheist and a Bear

Answers to Prayers via the Internet

Interesting story about school shootings

Birthday page I made for my Husband, Paul

Birthday Page I made for my Mom, Peggy

My Mom's Web-Site

~My Ministry~

Without payment you have received; without payment you are to give. (Matthew 10:8 ISV )

Because of the talent the Lord has given me in web design and tremendous web space He has provided for me, I feel it is only fair to share the blessings. So, I create web-pages for other Christian ministries free of charge, all they have to do is ask.

Here is some of my work, please visit these wonderful ministries.

Arrowood Ministries

Tabernacle of God

Rescatando Missions

Jesus Heals Ministry

Prevailing Word Ministry

Gregory Ford

Evangelist Patricia LeMaster

Mission Possible

Devotions by Michelle

Chue Xiong

Women's Alliance Stamp Ministry

Sandy's Poetry

Joanne Lowe Inspirationals


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