Dear God,

I believe that Jesus is your son and he was before anything else. I believe that you tried to give your people choices and that is why everything went bad. We or should I say I, always make bad choices. But you all ready knew that, didn't you?

That is why you sent Jesus to be born as a human, like me; body, soul & spirit. But not everyone believed, that is sad. Some people thought he was a nut or liar, they even thought he was against you, his own father!

So, I guess that is why they killed him. But you had that planned all along too, didn't you? All those laws and sacrifice that people had to keep didn't work. They always chose to do the wrong thing, since the beginning of time.

I know that you love us so much that you planned this ahead of time so one day your kingdom could finally be established. If only everyone wasn't so lost. It certainly doesn't help that you are not even allowed in almost any place or even the mention of your name.

Little kids growing up don't get to learn about you anymore and all the great things you do for us, they don't even know you made us. They think they just appeared, like magic. Even grown-ups think that we came from some apes or something like that. Doesn't that make you sad?

You know, your word is still around. Some people actually still read it. If only they knew how much information is contained in that book. I think almost the whole world has access to your word by now. Isn't that wonderful?

The problem is they don't really believe it contains any truth. They just push it aside and say, "Yeh, I've read it a couple of times. Didn't change me much, couldn't understand most of it".


Wow, that must really hurt. All the plans, all the good things you do, all the marvelous miracles that happen every day from you, not all acknowledge.

I try to tell people about all the great things you have done for me in my life. I hope some of them believe me. I guess everybody is not going to understand the message that you sent them. That is the greatest gift of all, the gift of choice. Some people choose to close their eyes to you.

As for me, I believe that Jesus died for me and that the Holy Spirit is indwelling in me to help me through this life span of about 70-80 years. I will keep telling people about you, and your wonderful son, Jesus until you return for me. But until then, thanks for loving me so much and being my Father.

All my love, Joanne <>< Life Changing Love