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Once again a another month has passed us by! I hope everyone is enjoying this web site. It is here for you, to encourage and uplift you in all you do. As previous visitors already know, this site was designed to share the good news of Jesus to the world. To any first time visitors, please stay a while and check out all that God has planned for us.



My husband (Paul) and myself (Joanne) have created this web site as a dedication to our Lord, for all the miracles He has shown us these past six years. Included throughout this site are graphics, which link to informative sites to better your understanding of what Christianity is all about.


Please take your time to see everything that was placed within your reach from this one site. You can surf to many sites and just click on the back button to return here to this page.

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If you like this site, please vote here and it will take you to yet another great website with loads of interesting facts. If you are at all curious about why someone would take the time to create a site just to tell others about their faith, check out my personal testimony and discover my reasons. You can also see my family photos from here.

Our mission trip

In November of 1999, we went to Haiti on a mission trip with love a child organization. You can see photos from our trip right here .You can also find out more about this wonderful ministry in Haiti and maybe go on a trip to the mission field.

As you read through out this page, all underlined text will be links to our various pages we have created for you to enjoy. Please take your time and bookmark this page if you cant see everything now. Refresh the page often as it is updated quite a bit. You can check out some our favorite sites by clicking here.

Please sign our guestbook as we like to acknowledge who has been to our site and your thoughts and/or suggestions for upcoming pages. We really enjoy to know that that you are using this site for your benefit. Thank you for taking the time, and may God bless you in all you do.

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Click here if you feel like a good, hearty laugh. There are plenty of clean, funny jokes to e-mail all your friends. Caution, you could spend some serious time at these sites. Remember, you've been warned, have fun!!!

Now, most importantly, do you know Jesus?? If you do not know him as I speak of knowing him, please click on the MeetJesus graphic above and learn how to have this wonderful, personal relationship with Jesus.

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This month's page is dedicated to Tony, my dad and my friend; my popop Peter; my Dzadiu (grandfather in Polish) Tony Sr.; and last but not least my Father-in-law; Walter. Happy Father's day to all of you. Love Joanne and Paul.