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I.P.C Gospel Centre is the gospel mission work of The Indian Pentecostal Church Of God (Thiruvambadi section), India. We started our gospel work in Vatakara about ten years ago.Vatakara is situated in Kerala state in India. Although it is a small town, it has a dense population of thousands of people. The great majority of the people had never heard the gospel prior to our missionary work. Though the initial response was very lukewarm, a few people got saved and are baptised (most of them are purely from Hindu background).The Indian evangelism is facing new challenges. A group of people who belongs to the major religion in India have misunderstood the gospel work as "a western conspiracy" to convert the whole India to Christian religion and thus to exert dominion over the country. So the people in turn view evangelists with suspicion and this even leads to persecution in some cases. Please pray that this misunderstanding will vanish from the hearts of people, and the people in India will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ with an open mind. (Some of them already do.) In order to present Christ to this multitude (most of them being Hindus and Muslims), we have published a gospel booklet in Malayalam language. This booklet contains testimonies of some of our church members.



Pastor K.Joy

I am Pastor K.Joy.I was someone who strayed away from the love of God. I was living a worldly life enslaved in Alcohol and Drugs. I continued my job and my business along with this kind of lifestyle .Gradually, everything became a mess. All of my friends forsook me. I started facing disappointments in my family life. Besides these things, my children started catching various diseases. I was deeply frustrated in life. At that point, I started going to a Christian prayer fellowship. There I was convicted of my sins. I got up and received Jesus Christ into my life as my Saviour and Lord. God started blessing me and my family since that day.25 years have passed by, and I am now serving the Lord as a pastor.Both my sons and my son-in-law are now pastors.


Radhakrishnan & Family

I am Radhakrishnan.I was born and brought up in a Hindu family and I had not heard much about Jesus Christ. Me and my wife Janu work as labourers. Life was going on fairly well until one day suddenly my son Rajesh became mentally ill. We took him to a good hospital but nothing seems to work out. While we were in the hospital, somebody gave us a gospel tract about Jesus. Just a few days later, one of my neighbours approached me and asked permission to take my son to a prayer meeting about Jesus. We were ready to do anything for my son's recovery and I agreed. After attending a few prayer meetings, my son's condition slightly improved. Meanwhile Lord Jesus touched my wife's heart and she became a believer. I started attending the worship services and after a period of time, I surrendered my life to Jesus. My son is improving now and I know that God has got great plans for our lives.

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