Truly a Miracle!!

On February 19, 2000, I was taken to Laurens County Hospital with a fever of 105.1. I had been sick for 3 weeks and was being treated by a doctor. I was on my second round of antibiotics but was not getting better. Upon arrival at the emergency room, I was immediately taken back and treated. I had a doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, and a respiratory therapists. My parents knew something was wrong because when you go to the emergency room you usually have to wait for hours. They took x-rays of my lungs and discovered I had bilateral pneumonia. (That's pneumonia in both lungs.) They gave me numerous Nebulizer treatments (breathing treatments) and oxygen through a face mask. My oxygen saturation was in the 80's (normal is between 97 and 100) my heart rate was in the 200's, and my breathing rate was in the 60's (the number of breaths per minute). I was admitted into the hospital and started on an IV. The next morning the respiratory therapist came in to give me my breathing treatments and noticed my lips and fingernails had a blue tint to them. She called the doctor and he said that I needed to be taken by ambulance to Greenville Memorial Hospital. The Pediatric Transport Team was coming from Greenville to get me, but wanted me to be intubated (a tube that is inserted into the lungs so that a machine can breathe for you). They had to sedate me and put me in a self-induced coma to do this. After 4 hours the ambulance arrived. My parents followed me to Greenville and was met there by the doctor (the head of Pediatrics ICU). He told my parents after looking at my x-rays that I was in critical condition and that he couldn't say if I was going to live or not. He said that we would just have to wait. My parents and other family members spent the night in the hospital waiting room praying for me. The next morning I was alive. The doctor said that now the next 3 days would be very critical and that we would have to wait again. After 3 days I was still alive and after a week I seemed to be getting better. Then I got a hole in my lung and had to have a chest tube. This chest tube was followed by 18 more over the next number of weeks. My blood pressure kept going up and the doctor's was worried that I might be having seizures, so they ordered an EEG. It showed that I was not having seizures, but that my brain activity was abnormal. This meant that I might have some form of brain damage. The doctors said that they wouldn't know the extent of the brain damage, or if I would have any, until I came out of the coma. They concluded that my pneumonia was viral and not bacterial and could not be treated by an antibiotic. They said that it would have to get better by itself. They ran a lot of tests but never found out what kind of virus I had. After being in the hospital and having several chest tubes, the doctors came to my parents and told them that I was getting worse and there was nothing more they could do for me. They called Charleston and some of the other large hospitals to see if there was anything more that they could be doing for me and they said no. Also, I would probably not survive the transport. So It was time to wait again. They did exploratory surgery on my lungs to see if they could patch the holes, but found that there was too many. They said that they would not be surprised if I died, but if by some miracle I lived, I would be in the hospital for 1 to 1 1/2 years. Someone at Presbyterian College (my Granny's work) started an internet prayer chain and it went all over the world. God heard the prayer's of his people, because a week later I came out of the coma and the doctors told my parents that I was going to live. They said that I was a miracle and that they had not done anything more to make this happen. My parents knew that it was God that healed me but that he did work through a lot of people. On my second birthday, March, 16, 2000, they took me off of the breathing machine. My mom says that God gave me breath the day I was born and he gave me breath again that day. After 5 1/2 weeks we came home. To this day, I have no brain damage. I am smarter than the day I went into the hospital. The doctors said that I might develop asthma from my sickness or that my lungs may still have some damage, but they have found no evidence of this. As of September 19, 2000 I have not been sick one time. I also, learned to walk and sit up again after only two weeks with no physical therapy. Praise the Lord!!!!! God has been so good to me and my family.

I give all of the glory to God, and I give thanks to the doctors, nurses, and staff at Greenville Memorial Hospital. I also want to thank everyone who prayed for me. The Bible says, where two or more gather together in my name, there I will be in the midst. May God bless you.

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