God Bless America &

President Bush during this critical time in the world!


Family members of U.S. Army soldiers on active duty can receive information
by calling:
(800) 833-6622.

I received these two e-mail's from Danna, another prayer warrior that I correspond with, and would like to share them with the world to see how are soldiers in battle are feeling. Please read below actual letters from one of our men who is now serving in the war!

I would like to add more as I receive them. It is just nice to know we have children of God out on the battlefield!


Thanks for your prayers and concerns. And thanks for sending the email. It
is good to hear from you all. I am doing well. I am working evenings from
8pm to 8am. I have had about two days off since I have been deployed here,
but it's not too bad because there isn't much to do anyway. Since the
beginning of the war, many facilities ( i.e. the recreation center, the Base
Exchange, the learning center, the gym) have been shut down for safety of the
soldiers. I think it's better to work and keep our minds off of work. I
have been here for about 55 days already and it seems like time has flown
by. I usually get off work, maybe shower and head off to bed, and wake up in
time to eat and head to work. I know it will be a matter of time before we
are home again.

Thanks again for your prayers, but I need some specific prayer. As you may
have already heard from the news, some Americans have been taken Prisoners of
War. I know three of the 5 that were captured in the city of Basrah. I am
not sure if you have seen the video on TV, but there were supposedly
originally 12 soldiers. The video showed 4 dead soldiers and the 5 POW's.
Well, come to find out, I have a friend who I went through AIT at Fort Bliss
with, and he is one of the 4 missing, which we all presume are those that
were killed. They also say when the 9 were first captured, they were all
alive, and then the Iraqis lined the 4 soldiers up in a row and shot them
execution style in front of the other 5 soldiers. When I first heard about
it, it hurt my heart. Many of us were angry and saddened. I knew when I
came out here that it would be hard enough, but I didn't really think about
POWs. When I first heard about the POW's, it didn't dawn on me that I would
know them, but when they began to identify the soldiers, it became very
real. The soldier who is missing that is a good friend of mine is named SGT
Donnie Walters. I met him while in school at Fort Bliss . He is married and
has three daughters. He told me that I looked exactly like his father when
his father was younger. My kids met him, too. It's hard knowing he may be
gone. I know the dangers of war, but as most of us agree, its one thing to
possibly become a casualty, of war, but to be captured would be another
thing. We all know that the POW's will probably be abused and possibly
tortured. I am praying for them. I ask for you to pray for them, too.

In watching all that is happening here and what is on the news, I am praying
things will turn out for the better and this all ends soon. I know in my
heart that we are doing the right thing as a country, I just pray it can be
done safely, and with very little injuries and casualties. Overall, I am
doing okay. Susan has sent me few packages, and some letters, but the mail
is getting lost sometimes in Europe. About 6000 pieces of mail was lost two
weeks ago, but they all turned up, plus mail is slow. On average, it takes
about 2 to 3 weeks for mail to get to where it's going. I got Aaron's letter
this week. I was glad he wrote. I will be sending letters again, but I
can't say when with things the way they are. I know the Lord is truly
watching over me here. I am in one of the safest places here in Kuwait, and
even with the missiles being fired at us, our equipment is advanced enough to
intercept the incoming missiles and keep us safe. We also have a pretty good
Early Warning System. So far, we have all been warned in enough time to get
top a bunker for safety. The loud sounds of missiles have put a "reality
check" upon us. I just thank the Lord that He has kept us safe. I have also
begun reading again. I took the Left Behind Series with me and I started
with book number 2 and got up to book number 8, but I had to go back and read
book number 1 to find out what I missed. I am not sure if you have read the
series, but it is a very good series. Made me look again at my Christian
life and the Rapture & Tribulation. I know things that are happening now a
days are prophesied in the Bible, so I am not too surprised or worried too
much with what is happening. I have faith in the Lord, even at times when
things get scary or out of control. Well, let everyone know I am okay and
being safe. Keep me and the other soldiers in mind and in prayer. I will
do the same. Email me soon. Hope you are all doing well. Give the kids big
hugs for me.

Love you all,
Kenny ( c:

Yes, it okay to send packages and mail... mail is getting here in good
time... Good news, Praise the Lord... I looked up the list of names of those
MIA, POW or Killed in action, and my friend was not among them... I am
saddened at those who are on the list... the ages ranged from 18 to 38, and
they were American and British... I am still praying for those who are
missing... It is hard to go through all this, but I will say I am proud of
what I am doing... God has been gracious and caring over me, so I now I will
be ok either way...

Yes, please share the letter with your church.. We need all the prayer we can
get,,, many soldiers I know and work with are not saved and some are scared
of the possibility of dying...

Well, I have to get some sleep.. thanks again for emailing back... I will
email you all again soon... I'll try to write some letters to the kids ,
too.. Let your kids know I am okay and that God is watching over me daily...
I pray for you all too...Until next time...

Love you all...

Kenny... ( c:

From: Brigade Chaplain, Headquarters, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd
Airborne Division, Baghdad, Iraq

9 August 2003
Dear Steve:

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

My name is Jim Murphy, and I am chaplain for the Second Brigade of
the 82nd Airborne Division. Although you don't know me, I have been
blessed and encouraged by your website for over a year. I am writing
to ask your help. We have been conducting combat operations in Iraq
for four months now. Our paratroopers have fought extremely well,
rooting out, killing, and capturing Saddam Fedayeen in urban terrain
where mechanized units could not.

While our men continue to perform well, we have run into spiritual
resistance here that requires me to ask the aid of the Body of Christ
in prayer. Until we reached Baghdad, we did not lose a single soldier
killed, despite having been in a full-on fight for five days in which
we killed over 500 enemy. In Baghdad we have lost 9 men killed to
command-detonated mines, ambushes, and also some freak accidents.
There is no doubt in my mind that there is a war going on in the
heavenly realm that directly impacts the physical. As we close in on
the enemy, we are running into the wrath of the evil one much like
Jehoshaphat did when he, Ahab, and the King of Edom cornered the King
of Moab in 2 Kings chapter 3. I know you are fighting on many fronts
for the Kingdom, but I want to ask you to post our prayer needs on
your website for the following:

Pray against the spiritual forces of darkness here, particularly
against rage, the antichrist spirit, and the Prince of Persia;
Divine protection for our soldiers;
Salvation and spiritual growth for our soldiers;
For God to deliver our enemies, especially Saddam Hussein, into our
I believe that this is not only a chance to break the back of several
Islamic terror organizations, but also a chance to break down
spiritual oppression so the church here can flourish again.

Thanks for your time and all you do. I hope you can include us. You
are a blessing to the Kingdom and to America.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Murphy
Chaplain (Major) US Army
2nd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division


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